Converting Audible AAX files to M4B/MP3

I like owning physical or actual copies of the things I buy, where I can enjoy them at any time, place, and mode of consumption I choose. With that in mind, I tried converting my Audible AAX files into M4B files so I can listen to them on any app or device I want. To […]

Flutter env on Windows 10/11

After my short stint with Phone Gap, I thought I’d give cross-platform development another shot with Flutter/Dark. I followed the Flutter installation instructions which looked straight forward apart from the few issues I ran into below. I had issues installing Intel HAXM wherein Hyper V was detected as enabled even though it was disabled on […]

The Expanse by James SA Corey

Books 1-5 were great, then started to go downhill for me from there. I got a sense that the conclusion will leave me unsatisfied to say the least.. almost remorseful that I got invested in the story and characters passed book 5. [Goodreads link]

Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness

Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness The story could’ve been told in 1 book instead of 3 and felt dragging the longer I read the book. I personally didn’t like the pace of the story and how it ended but it wasn’t bad enough for me to stop reading.

Trading views

I traded a corner condo unit on the top floor in Manila for a house and lot near the beach in a Province where I have no relatives and barely know anyone. It’s been one of if not the most daunting decision I have made so far and by all accounts, seem to be one […]


Treading down South of sadness.I look back North of youth & nostalgia, as the westward winds remind me of my woes. I am reminded that life isn’t east of equality.

Off the ground

New ventures are akin to lifting heavy shit off the floor for me. It’s those first few centemeters that are the most challenging… Or I would like to think so. But it gets progressively hardet when as you progress. One of the lessons sports (distance running & powerlifting) and my career has taught me is […]

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Over the hill

I started coding back in 1999, when writing your media player in mIRC because my Pentium II can’t run winAMP and mIRC at the seme time was fun. Back then I didn’t see it as a career, I knew I wanted to be involved with it but didn’t really see it as a source of […]

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Personal space

For the past 7 months, most of my time has been spent in this 5×5 meter space. I work, workout, eat, sleep repeat. The Pandemic changed views on a lot of things, especially housing. I used to think owning properties is much better than renting; Now not so much. I find myaelf liking the idea […]

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Conversations with my inner coward

I make it a point to have voluntary debates with my inner coward atleast 3 times a week. My inner coward is that voice of reason that advicea you againsy doing dumb shit and pointing you to tge path of least resistance. It the former arguement in the flight or fight response. It’s one of […]

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Philippine Pandemic Reaponse

I would call it more of a knee-jerk reaction more than a response to be honest. I’ve reached the point wherein I am more afraid of the government especially law enforcement rather than Covid-19; Atleast with the virus, you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. I do appreciate their efforts and I am […]

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Aluminum laptop stand

I saw this identical stand on one of Dave 2D’s videos which he got on Amazon. I found a similar one on Lazada for 16USD or 800PHP incluaive of tax and shipping, and it was Cash On Delivery as well. It’s adjustable on either side and can fit thick devices and the alen screws tighten […]

ExpressVPN Review

My experience with ExpressVPN has been pleasant for the past 7 days. I share the account with my wife and daughter primarily for consuming media. But one pleasant surprise is that you get Youtube Picture-In-Picture functionality when connected to US servers, atleast on Android. This is a YouTube premium features as far as I known, […]