Densium 4+ V2

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The wood front panel accent sold me on the case. Despite it being expensive at around  $200USD shipped from the UK without a riser cable and it using a FLEX ATX power supply, I am happy with the purchase.

Everything from the packaging, paint finish, and screws are of high quality.  It’s bigger than a Velka 3 at 5.5L but fits GPU’s up to 22cm in length allowing for more GPU options versus the 4L Velka 3. I managed to cram my workstation into it:

  • Intel 14500
  • 2x32gb DDR5 6000 RAM
  • 2x2tb NVME SSD
  • Gigabyte RTX 4060 Ti 16GB
  • Enhance 7660B custom short loom

Apart from the small footprint, I like how the case makes the computer look and feel more like furniture rather than an appliance. That to me was worth the purchase price.

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