Baguio is cursed

My last 4 visits to the city I once claimed my home has been marred by misfortune.  My trips to the city had to be cut short but someone dying my car breaking. I initially chalked it up to bad luck when my highschool batchmate caught a stroke while I was there. The following year, […]

EMUdeck on a Steam Deck OLED

As much as I liked the RG405M, I found it couldn’t emulate the arcade games I wanted to play to my liking; Primarily some NAOMI/NAOMI2 games and a couple switch games. I decided to skip other more powerful handhelds like the AYN Odin 2 or the Retroid Pocket 4 Pro and go straight to the […]

Anbernic RG405M with Gamma OS

In the search for an EDC entertainment handheld, I finally settled with the Anbernic RG405M. I was happy with my Miyoo Mini+, the software support on it was the best in its class IMO. But when a chance to trade it for a RG405M came along, I took it and glad I did. To sum […]

New desktop

Got a good deal on a GPU recently which made me build a new desktop. Last time I had a desktop was when GPU prices were 1/5 of what they are right now, which was about 4 years ago. RAM and SSD prices have stayed relationship the same but othe compunents have noticably inflated, not […]

Mesh WIFI setup

It turns out that a a tri-band mesh router (AX6600) can work with a dual band node (AX1800) node. I tested both wireless and wired configurations with the wired vonfig passing through a switch. I am using the Asus XT8 and XD4 respectively.

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Workstation upgrade

My daughter ask for a GPU to run her Minecraft game with the new texture packs, hey Ryzen 2400G IGP can’t run it smoothly anymore even if I crank up the frame vuffer to 2gb. So, being the doting father that i am, i gave her my GTX 1070. I was originally looking to get […]

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7.25L of awesome

After being on the AMD Ryzen platform for 18 months, I decided to go back to Intel & NVidia. Yes they present tremendous value in terms of hardware but I find Intel/NVidia to be more stable in terms of day to day operations and overall more efficient in thermals and power consumption. But I want […]

Schiit Stack review

I got myself a new audio setup as a Christmas gift last year. I pulled the trigger when I saw the Sennheiser HD6XX was an active drop and ready to ship within 24hrs on Mass Drop. The headphone amp was an after-thought, but after trying my Audioengine D1 on the HD6XX I knew I needed […]

Re-building my Playstation, NES, SNES & Arcade classic console

Following the disappointment that was the PlayStation Classic Console, which I was totally set on buying; I decided to re-build one myself. I really wanted to have one for nostalgia and to revisit Resident Evil 2 before I play the remastered version on the PS4 next year… unfortunately the overwhelming negative reviews knock some sense […]

Work/Play station audio update

Pun intended! I finally got my audio setup sorted. I have my Audioengine A5+ speakers hooked to an Audioengine D1 DAC, which is connected to my desktop (Dan A4) via USB for power & audio input. Then I have my PS4 Pro connected to the D1 via optical cable to route the PS4’s sound to […]

Height Adjustable Desk Review

I’ve been wanting to try a Height Adjustable Desk ever since I heard of it some 2 years ago but couldn’t due to logistics and cost to acquire one here in the Philippines. Desks range from $500-$1,000 USD plus shipping which was the primary limiting factor for me. Fortunately you can purchase one locally at […]

Dan A4 birthday gift

Wife got me an advanced birthday gift which I am totally stoked on! I’ll probably receive it a month after my birthday and I can hardly wait! Thankfully DAN, NCase and NFC got into a colab with Lian-Li a.k.a. SFF Lab to make the fabrication and shipping significantly cheaper, especially for Asian customers since it […]

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Cooling & Storage upgrades

Updated my shoe box for the coming summer heat: Replaced stock AMD cooler with a Noctua L9i with AM4 mounting kit Added a 92mmx25mm Noctua fan on the side Added a 120mm Noctua fan in the front Added a Seagate 2tb SSHD drive for my media and games. Temperatures seems to be nominal, everything considered. […]

Synology DS216+II RAM Upgrade

Just finished upgrading my Synology DS216+II to 8GB of DDR3L (low voltage) Kingston memory, from the stock 1GB RAM.. This will hopefully improve performance and caching, especially since I can turn off memory compression now and perhaps help with Plex Hardware Transcoding. The disassembly was pretty straight-forward. After removing the drives and  sliding the top […]

Plex Hardware Transcoding on the Synology DS216+II

I signed up for the Plex Pass for $4.99 to have access to the preview release of the Plex Media Server 1.7.x which had support for hardware transcoding for inlet based Synology NAS units. Fortunately my research turned out to be true and it actually worked! My DS216+ii running DSM 6.1 can install Plex 1.5.3, […]

Retro Gaming

Because the NES mini is hard to find and/or too expensive, I decided to build a RetroPie computer at roughly the same cost as the SRP of the NES mini. At the time of writing, you can buy an Nes mini for 5,500PHP (110USD) …if you can find one, while a RetroPie will cost around […]

Transcend DrivePro 220 review

Sample video: The Good: Good value for money : you get decent video quality with a 1.8f aperture, GPS, WiFi, an LCD, 16gb MLC microSD card, reusable suction mount and other features you may not even use for 6,000PHP (140USD) Simplicity : it works out of the box. Just plug it in into your car’s […]

Sony Walkman NWZ-W273S review

This has to be the best workout-partner / mp3 I’ve ever used since I started working out for the past decade… end of review. Kidding aside here’s the gist of what I like and dislike about it in order: The GOOD It’s waterproof. You can use it when doing your laps in the pool, it […]

Lock/Erase a lost Android device

A relative recently lost her Android device, and ask me for assistance. Since reporting it to the authorities in our case NTC takes a lot of time and effort which most working class people don’t have; we resorted to Google! Since every android device is linked to your personal Google account you can access your […]