Union Bank EON debit woes

I used my EON card to make an online transaction amounting to 5,700PHP which was debited from my account even before the card was validated. I got an AVS (Address Verification System) after entering my card details when the amount was deducted from my account. After filing a complaint over the phone, email and to their physical branch, it takes them 5 days to give me a confirmation receipt of my complaint and 15-85 banking days to resolve it.

I am not hung up on the money, but I am irked with the feeling of being conned. As a developer myself, I know how these e-commerce mechanisms work and I am just sorry for myself for trusting this local financial institution… as if I do not have enough bad experiences with other local online institutions.

By the way, this is the third time this has happened. The first 2 were negligible amounts (50 -100PHP) over the Play Store / App Store.which were not worth the stress/effort. I guess third time’s the charm!