EMUdeck on a Steam Deck OLED

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As much as I liked the RG405M, I found it couldn’t emulate the arcade games I wanted to play to my liking; Primarily some NAOMI/NAOMI2 games and a couple switch games. I decided to skip other more powerful handhelds like the AYN Odin 2 or the Retroid Pocket 4 Pro and go straight to the best handheld device for emulation money can buy at the moment, which was the Steam Deck OLED. I did consider other handhelds like the Asus ROG Ally or the MSI Claw, but the decision boiled down to support and software.

The Steam Deck has a mature platform and is purpose built as a gaming device and has native support for EMUdeck. While other devices albeit more flashy don’t have the software maturity and community support the Steam Deck has. Part for the deck are also readily available for it on iFixIt (ask me how I know) should something unfortunate happen to it.

I appreciate the performance and screen the deck offers but I do miss the pocket-ability of the RG405M. In the end I opted to have 1 device and avoid amassing more stuff.

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