Philippine Pandemic Reaponse

I would call it more of a knee-jerk reaction more than a response to be honest. I’ve reached the point wherein I am more afraid of the government especially law enforcement rather than Covid-19; Atleast with the virus, you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. I do appreciate their efforts and I am thankful for what little stability we currently enjoy. But the reaction of both the government and some people made me question: is the grass really greener where you water it? Or is the soil not suited for planting and it’s time to seek greener pastures?

Aluminum laptop stand

I saw this identical stand on one of Dave 2D’s videos which he got on Amazon. I found a similar one on Lazada for 16USD or 800PHP incluaive of tax and shipping, and it was Cash On Delivery as well.

It’s adjustable on either side and can fit thick devices and the alen screws tighten property without the need for locktite. It’s unbranded and heavy which makes it feel premium. The only gripe I had was with the paint finish. I would’ve wanted a brushed aluminum or powder coat finish. But it’s a minor issue you can fix by painting it yourself.

ExpressVPN Review

My experience with ExpressVPN has been pleasant for the past 7 days. I share the account with my wife and daughter primarily for consuming media. But one pleasant surprise is that you get Youtube Picture-In-Picture functionality when connected to US servers, atleast on Android. This is a YouTube premium features as far as I known, but I am finding it pretty convenient that I have access to it without paying extra.

I paid $99uSD for a 15 month month subscription, and I feel I am getting my money’s worth. There are cheaper alternatives but the reality is you do get what you oay for, so I opted for ExpressVPN which has reasonable pricing with reasonable ly good service.

You can use my link here to signup so both you and I get an additional 30 days for free. You’d want to use the Opera browser with their free VPN service to signup since ExpressVPN has different offers depending on your location.

A Sociopaths’ take on the ECQ for SARS-COV-2

We’re in the tail-end of week 6 of the Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented by the national government last March 15, 2020. Apart from the increased difficulty getting food and other “necessities“, not much has changed from our way of life. In actuality, it improved our quality of life; Air quality is better, noise pollution has gone down and our monthly expenditure has gone done. But I feel this is just the calm before the storm which majority of people don’t seem to notice. Regardless, the best course of action is to take the life lessons / reminders this experience has enlightened me with:

Privacy is freedom: The less people and the internet knows about you, the less people you’ll have trying to stick you with their unsolicited opinions up your ass because they have too much up theirs. It also pays to have less competition in this rat race we’re currently in.

It’s always your fault: Regardless of what policies governments and institutions institute, or decisions other people make for you, it’s you who’ll have to live with the consequences not them.

Murphy’s Law: “If something can go wrong, it will.” I’m already asking myself how I can better prepare for the next pandemic, let’s face it, we know it’s gonna happen again.

Stay away from social media:  “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” — Mark Twain

Granny still knows best: Rule #1: The Boss is always right. Rule #2: if the Boss is wrong, read Rule #1.


Live desktop summer feels

It’s been years since I last played with my desktop. Since PC hardware has grown by leaps and bounds since I last tried, I figured to give it a shot. Inspired by the Google Pixel live wallpaper I use this Ocean weather theme for Rain Wallpaper, an app you can find on Steam. Another theme on my rotation is this Elegant weather theme I found on DeviantArt.

Deploying a WordPress plugin repo on github to WordPress on WIndows

I never learned how to use Subversion which is why publishing my work on WordPress becomes such a chore. Thankfully, I found a script that can deploy a local Git repository to This script assumes you have the following setup and working in your Windows environment already:

  • SVN, in this case I use TortoiseSVN
  • GIT, I use the GIT-SCM and Github Windows client
  • Already have a account and existing repository for your project

The script is originally from GaryJones from github which I modified to suit my needs. Simply put the script in the repository folder and change out the CHANGE_ME values before running the script.

You have the option to set the path of the local repository within the script or in the prompt, what I prefer to do is to just drop the script in the working directory and run the script there.



Subaru WRX, an end to a story

I finally got a Subaru WRX, an aspiration of mine since cr I was in grade school watching WRC on AXN. I opted to get a used low mileage (29,000km), slightly modified one for half the cost of a brand new current year model. There ia significant riak in getting uaed cars but with a little luck and a lot of research, there are pretty big savings to be had. Thankfully my prudence paid off and I got a good one for a reasonable price. The car already had most if not all the modifications i wanted:

  • Invidia Q300 full exhaust
  • STI brembo brakes
  • STI 18″ wheels
  • Mishimoto Cold Air intake
  • Tuned to a modest 300 hrsprs

All i needed to do was some basic maintenance stuff to the cat:

  • Change all fluids, oil, coolant etc
  • Replaced all brake pads
  • Replaced all filters
  • Check tires and alignment
  • Replaced tint
  • Changed ownership and renewed registration for the year

All in all, it costed me half of what a new WRX goes for in today’s market, which is a good deal in my book especially if you count the cost of the modifications done already.

I should be feeling elated that I got the car I wanted for so long at a good price yet I can’t help but feel this empty disappointed feeling. I am happy I achieved the goal I set out to get, I just had this expectation that it would bring greater satisfaction. I should’ve paid more attention to the journey and not the destination now that I can reflect on it. It is a sexy car and I am glad I got it. The greater takeaway for me in this experience is that I shouldn’t hinge my happiness or expectation of happiness based on material things. It’s so cliche but so true at the same time… experience is still the best teacher.