Anbernic RG405M with Gamma OS

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In the search for an EDC entertainment handheld, I finally settled with the Anbernic RG405M. I was happy with my Miyoo Mini+, the software support on it was the best in its class IMO. But when a chance to trade it for a RG405M came along, I took it and glad I did.

To sum it up, here’s a list of the things I like about it:

  • 4 inch 4:3 touch screen
  • Has an ample 128GB built in storage
  • Stereo speakers with a headphone jack
  • Hal analog sticks
  • Aluminum shell
  • Runs my media apps (Smart Aufiobook Player, PowerAmp, VLC)
  • Plays all my favorite arcade games CPS2, CPS3, MAME with ease

While some things that would put me off considering the current retail price of $150

  • It can play 3DS/PS2 games but it’s really not powerful enough to do it comfortably… Though it can Initial D Special Stage which is all yhe matters to me.
  • D pad isn’t great for fighter games.
  • You have to install Gamma OS to really appreciate the device.

The cheaper RG35XX, RG35XX+ and the Miyoo Mini+ are great (I tried them all), but if i had to do it all over I’d go straight to the a RG405M. It’s more expensive but you more value. Especially if you consume downloaded media.

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