Baguio is cursed

My last 4 visits to the city I once claimed my home has been marred by misfortune.  My trips to the city had to be cut short but someone dying my car breaking. I initially chalked it up to bad luck when my highschool batchmate caught a stroke while I was there. The following year, […]

Ren Faire PH 2024

Made the 500km round trip to Baguio to attend the 3 day event. Considering it’s the first of its kind in the country, it was an enjoyable experience, especially considering the venue; A private, manicured forested area. I did notice that the majority if not all of the attendees came from a certain “above average […]

Iron Prince by Bryce O’Connor

Warformed – Stormweaver book 1. Another Progression Fantasy gem I found that’s still ongoing. I can’t wait for book 2. I just hope the author leaves the story/readers hanging.

Dave Grohl – The Storyteller

Great stories from one of the musicians I grew up listening to. Albeit he progression or sequence of the stories are a bit jarring; The narration by the author made up for it though.

Anthony Bourdain – Kitchen Confidential

I found this very insightful and gave me a clearer perspective on the food I eat. Albeit at times the flow of the book seems to go off on tangents. The narration complemented the story very well; I would’ve appreciated more inflections when he was speaking in the third person.

Will Wight – Cradle

One of my favorite book series in recent memory. Thankful that this is the first series I read when getting into the Progression Fantasy genre. The narration by Travis Baldree was very complimentary as well. Travis Baldree is now one of my favorite narrators thanks to these books.

Converting Audible AAX files to M4B/MP3

I like owning physical or actual copies of the things I buy, where I can enjoy them at any time, place, and mode of consumption I choose. With that in mind, I tried converting my Audible AAX files into M4B files so I can listen to them on any app or device I want. To […]

The Expanse by James SA Corey

Books 1-5 were great, then started to go downhill for me from there. I got a sense that the conclusion will leave me unsatisfied to say the least.. almost remorseful that I got invested in the story and characters passed book 5. [Goodreads link]

Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness

Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness The story could’ve been told in 1 book instead of 3 and felt dragging the longer I read the book. I personally didn’t like the pace of the story and how it ended but it wasn’t bad enough for me to stop reading.

Aluminum laptop stand

I saw this identical stand on one of Dave 2D’s videos which he got on Amazon. I found a similar one on Lazada for 16USD or 800PHP incluaive of tax and shipping, and it was Cash On Delivery as well. It’s adjustable on either side and can fit thick devices and the alen screws tighten […]

Pillars of Reality – Jack Campbell

All the Gifts Bestowed

The First Law Trilogy