Spotify exclusive downloader

I currently use SpotDL which uses YTdlp to download music from Spotify/Youtube Music. I stumbled on Zotify while researching how ot download Spotify exclusive tracks. This method is simpler to use compared to YTdlp as you basically have a shorter command to run with minimal setup. The only drawback is you need a Spotify account […]

Spotify / Youtube offline downloads

I use spotdl which utilizes yt-dlp to download the actual songs. To download the highest quality you’ll need to have a Youtube Premium account with the audio quality set to high: Next, you’ll need to get the cookies to authenticate, I personally use Chrome on windows, you’ll need to launch Chrome with the –disable-features=LockProfileCookieDatabase to […]

Flutter env on Windows 10/11

After my short stint with Phone Gap, I thought I’d give cross-platform development another shot with Flutter/Dark. I followed the Flutter installation instructions which looked straight forward apart from the few issues I ran into below. I had issues installing Intel HAXM wherein Hyper V was detected as enabled even though it was disabled on […]

Deploying a WordPress plugin repo on github to WordPress on WIndows

I never learned how to use Subversion which is why publishing my work on WordPress becomes such a chore. Thankfully, I found a script that can deploy a local Git repository to This script assumes you have the following setup and working in your Windows environment already: SVN, in this case I use TortoiseSVN […]

S2W Payments plugin for WordPress

After developing on WordPress, I decided to contribute back to the community by creating a free plugin for WooCommerce and Square users. You can download the plug on or fork the source on Github. It’s basically allows you to filter fulfilled payments made to your Square account within WordPress and import them into WooCommerce […]

How I secured my WordPress site

I recently came across malware in my WordPress installation even though I am running the latest version of WordPress and not running any other plugin apart from JetPack. I tried removing the malware and updating all the WordPress files only to get infected again a few days after. So Far these steps have mitigated the […]

Gulp Pipeline update

I encountered some errors compiling old projects using my old node workflow which turned out to be the result of a lot of the packages being deprecated. gyp ERR! stack Error: Can’t find Python executable “python”, you can set the PYTHON env variable. Luckily it was an easy fix, I simple had to install the […]

Gulp! My assets pipeline 2.0 on WIndows

This is an update to my previous setup I wrote about on: How I build my assets pipeline on Windows using NodeJS. This time around I use Gulp to simplify things and add more automation. First up, you’ll need to install gulp globally (npm i -g gulp) if you haven’t yet, then install it in […]

Delete deep nested node_modules folders

Some node modules have too much dependencies that break the WIndows NTFS file system e.g.(node-sass, gulp). There were articles mentioning that Windows 10 has removed the the limit to the maximum path length but I for one still encounter the problem… and for some reason the rm -rf command doesn’t work anymore. So I use […]

Open cmd.exe here for NodeJS

Since NodeJS works off the Windows’ shell (command prompt) I find myself needing to open the terminal (cmd.exe) more often now. Here are several ways I open the Command Prompt in a specific location within Windows Explorer on Windows 10. method 1: simply navigate to the desired folder within Windows Explorer and type cmd in […]

How I build my assets pipeline on Windows using NodeJS

I develop on Windows 10 (currently) with NodeJS, I am assuming you are running both already. Below is a bare-bones list of modules i use: browserify – this allows my to write my JavaScript in the NodeJS convention as well as concatenate multiple JavaScript dependencies like jQuery and GSAP. uglify-js – this will allow me […]

My webdev environment on Windows

Here the web development environment I have setup on my laptop. It’s simply a run-through and short tutorial of the things I use for those of you who are interested in getting into the web development scene. To start of, here’s a list of apps I use: WAMP – This basically has everything you need […]