Baguio is cursed

My last 4 visits to the city I once claimed my home has been marred by misfortune.  My trips to the city had to be cut short but someone dying my car breaking. I initially chalked it up to bad luck when my highschool batchmate caught a stroke while I was there. The following year, […]

Ren Faire PH 2024

Made the 500km round trip to Baguio to attend the 3 day event. Considering it’s the first of its kind in the country, it was an enjoyable experience, especially considering the venue; A private, manicured forested area. I did notice that the majority if not all of the attendees came from a certain “above average […]

Culture for Progress

A lot has been said about the subject, but seldom do I see mutual-respect in the same context. There has been much debate on the impact of tourism on culture and nature; both the affirmative and negative side raise valid points until declarative ideas turn into imperative statements. I understand the value of preservation, and […]