Baguio is cursed

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My last 4 visits to the city I once claimed my home has been marred by misfortune.  My trips to the city had to be cut short but someone dying my car breaking.

I initially chalked it up to bad luck when my highschool batchmate caught a stroke while I was there. The following year, a family friend got an aneurysm which turned my vacation into a roundtrip day tour. The third time the AC compressor stopped working, and set me back PHP50,000 in repairs apart from the unconfortable drive back down. The last and most recent trip to attend the Ren Faire 2024, the water pump broke and the radiator sprung a leak. Fortunately I caught it early and managed to make the drive home safely by topping off coolant every few kilometers to prevent the engine or the turbo fromnoverheating… This costed me PHP 40,000 in repairs.

FA20 water pump leaking from the weap hole

On top of the steadily increasing cost of room and board, the lack of decent places to dine in, and the worsening traffic situation. Coupled with my previous experiences, I have come to the conclusion that the city is cursed. I get the vibe that it’s missing something it previously had in abundance when I used to live there.

Then again, it could simple be a string of unfortunate events.

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