Aluminum laptop stand

I saw this identical stand on one of Dave 2D’s videos which he got on Amazon. I found a similar one on Lazada for 16USD or 800PHP incluaive of tax and shipping, and it was Cash On Delivery as well. It’s adjustable on either side and can fit thick devices and the alen screws tighten […]

ExpressVPN Review

My experience with ExpressVPN has been pleasant for the past 7 days. I share the account with my wife and daughter primarily for consuming media. But one pleasant surprise is that you get Youtube Picture-In-Picture functionality when connected to US servers, atleast on Android. This is a YouTube premium features as far as I known, […]

A Sociopaths’ take on the ECQ for SARS-COV-2

We’re in the tail-end of week 6 of the Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented by the national government last March 15, 2020. Apart from the increased difficulty getting food and other “necessities“, not much has changed from our way of life. In actuality, it improved our quality of life; Air quality is better, noise pollution has […]

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Live desktop summer feels

It’s been years since I last played with my desktop. Since PC hardware has grown by leaps and bounds since I last tried, I figured to give it a shot. Inspired by the Google Pixel live wallpaper I use this Ocean weather theme for Rain Wallpaper, an app you can find on Steam. Another theme […]

Deploying a WordPress plugin repo on github to WordPress on WIndows

I never learned how to use Subversion which is why publishing my work on WordPress becomes such a chore. Thankfully, I found a script that can deploy a local Git repository to This script assumes you have the following setup and working in your Windows environment already: SVN, in this case I use TortoiseSVN […]

Subaru WRX, an end to a story

I finally got a Subaru WRX, an aspiration of mine since cr I was in grade school watching WRC on AXN. I opted to get a used low mileage (29,000km), slightly modified one for half the cost of a brand new current year model. There ia significant riak in getting uaed cars but with a […]

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Pillars of Reality – Jack Campbell

Crossing lines

I can vividly remember certain points in the past where a palpable change happened and I knew I crossed a point of no return… yesterday was one of those days. Some events are inevitable despite our efforts to delay them; In my experience, the best way to handle them is head on. I understand that […]

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Lazada return process and experience

TLDR: Lazada doesn’t really handle returns/refunds, it is up to  you and the seller to reach an agreement on where or not you get a refund or replacement. My first return / refund experience was smooth, I mailed back the item, got the funds in my wallet then withdrew them via LBC remittance. The entire […]

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Remembering the strong

The strength embodied by the truly strong transcends their life and is passed on to the people who allowed themselves to be swept by their example. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by such a person through huge boulders and hard places; Perhaps more than I will every realize until […]

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All the Gifts Bestowed

Perspective & Placement

I try as hard as I can until I either succeed or l I run out of regret in me. I. Confortable with failing 8 out 10 times as oppose to pondering what if’s. I finally understand that there is very little control to be had in life

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Workstation upgrade

My daughter ask for a GPU to run her Minecraft game with the new texture packs, hey Ryzen 2400G IGP can’t run it smoothly anymore even if I crank up the frame vuffer to 2gb. So, being the doting father that i am, i gave her my GTX 1070. I was originally looking to get […]

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S2W Payments plugin for WordPress

After developing on WordPress, I decided to contribute back to the community by creating a free plugin for WooCommerce and Square users. You can download the plug on or fork the source on Github. It’s basically allows you to filter fulfilled payments made to your Square account within WordPress and import them into WooCommerce […]

The First Law Trilogy

HorribleSubs batch downloads

HorribleSubs took down their batch torrent section after their site update last year. Which made it cumbersome to manually download each and every magnet link for the shows I want to get. Thankfully, there’s this Chorme extensions: HorribleSubs Downloader which lets you copy all the magnet links to your clipboard for a particular resurrection e.g. […]

The Fault in Our Stars