Ren Faire PH 2024

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Made the 500km round trip to Baguio to attend the 3 day event. Considering it’s the first of its kind in the country, it was an enjoyable experience, especially considering the venue; A private, manicured forested area.

I did notice that the majority if not all of the attendees came from a certain “above average income bracket” compared to similar events I used to frequent in my youth. Which vould be attributed to its location. Atop the price of admission, you need to spend for transportation and lodging in Baguio which has significantly increased over the years. This, contrasted with the idealism, naivity, and activism the people I talked to displayed made me feel old.

Me, meditating on whether or not I have any fucks to give about how I feel about my age.

I managed to connect with several people who I resonated with, and bought a few souvenirs to show my support. It was both an educational and retrospective trip. Hopefully they’d do it again next year, though even if they did I doubt that it would have the same vibe as the first one did.

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