7.25L of awesome

After being on the AMD Ryzen platform for 18 months, I decided to go back to Intel & NVidia. Yes they present tremendous value in terms of hardware but I find Intel/NVidia to be more stable in terms of day to day operations and overall more efficient in thermals and power consumption. But I want to highlight the Dan A4 SFX ITX enclosure that can house all these hardware:

  • Intel i9 9900K
  • G Skill Trident Z 2x16gbgb 3200 DDR4
  • Asus Strix Z390-i
  • Gigabyte GTX 1070
  • Corsair SF600 SFX PSU
  • Corsair H80 AIO
  • Dan A4 SFX case
  • …and I managed to fit 2x 2.5 drives and 2 M.2 drives 🙂

Apart from the case, all the parts are off-the-shelf hardware you can purchase at reputable resellers. I had to go with an AIO to cool the 125W TDP 9900k since the Noctua L9i/a isn’t rated for my CPU. I can opt to get a 65TDP part and use a full length GPU but I have more CPU intensive workloads and a GTX1070/1080 or even an RTX2070 is more than enough for me. That and the prices for new GPU’s are just banana’s! It’s really not worth buying new GPU’s now a days, I’ll probably hop on the RTX / Navi hype train when a new architecture is released and the prices of those parts drop.

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