Subaru WRX, an end to a story

I finally got a Subaru WRX, an aspiration of mine since cr I was in grade school watching WRC on AXN. I opted to get a used low mileage (29,000km), slightly modified one for half the cost of a brand new current year model. There ia significant riak in getting uaed cars but with a little luck and a lot of research, there are pretty big savings to be had. Thankfully my prudence paid off and I got a good one for a reasonable price. The car already had most if not all the modifications i wanted:

  • Invidia Q300 full exhaust
  • STI brembo brakes
  • STI 18″ wheels
  • Mishimoto Cold Air intake
  • Tuned to a modest 300 hrsprs

All i needed to do was some basic maintenance stuff to the cat:

  • Change all fluids, oil, coolant etc
  • Replaced all brake pads
  • Replaced all filters
  • Check tires and alignment
  • Replaced tint
  • Changed ownership and renewed registration for the year

All in all, it costed me half of what a new WRX goes for in today’s market, which is a good deal in my book especially if you count the cost of the modifications done already.

I should be feeling elated that I got the car I wanted for so long at a good price yet I can’t help but feel this empty disappointed feeling. I am happy I achieved the goal I set out to get, I just had this expectation that it would bring greater satisfaction. I should’ve paid more attention to the journey and not the destination now that I can reflect on it. It is a sexy car and I am glad I got it. The greater takeaway for me in this experience is that I shouldn’t hinge my happiness or expectation of happiness based on material things. It’s so cliche but so true at the same time… experience is still the best teacher.

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