Personal space

For the past 7 months, most of my time has been spent in this 5×5 meter space. I work, workout, eat, sleep repeat.

The Pandemic changed views on a lot of things, especially housing. I used to think owning properties is much better than renting; Now not so much. I find myaelf liking the idea of trading the stability/autonomy of owning your home vs the mobility/freedom of renting.

I want to avoid places governed by myopic leaders and less than desirable communities. Paying a iittle extra in rent vs the upkeep of a home doesn’t seem that big of a price to pay for the freedom from being tethered to a physical location.

I’ve experienced renting, and owning properties. Both have their merits, but the pandemic highlighted several things I overlooked before when considering where my family and I live… The community and governance. Which is why I am leaning more towards renting as oppose to owning properties in the future.

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