Conversations with my inner coward

I make it a point to have voluntary debates with my inner coward atleast 3 times a week. My inner coward is that voice of reason that advicea you againsy doing dumb shit and pointing you to tge path of least resistance. It the former arguement in the flight or fight response.

It’s one of the primary drivers why I took up distance running in my early 20’s and powerlifting/weight lifting in my early 30’s. It allows me to challenge my limits in a relatively controlled environment which prevent me from being stagnant. My inner coward want to be comfortable and aafse at all times and will always point me towards the path of least resistance. Which is prudent in most cases but i have to keep myself cognisanct of the fact that there are instances where there is no way forward but through thick walls which we have to break through in order to get to the other aide. And that is the constant point of contention: on choosing your battles to win the war that is life.

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