Over the hill

I started coding back in 1999, when writing your media player in mIRC because my Pentium II can’t run winAMP and mIRC at the seme time was fun. Back then I didn’t see it as a career, I knew I wanted to be involved with it but didn’t really see it as a source of income.

Fast forward 2 decades and I am still doing it …as a source of income more than anything else. Though my work has come and gone, swallowed up by ever expanding companiea. While technology has become more accessible to most people that my skills are almost obsolete. It begs the question: is it time to.move on?

Ideally i would want to have several jobs. One that pays the bills and another that givea me fullfilment. Being a web developer now isn’t providing the latter. Now I ask myself whether to proceed with it as a job or a hobby.

What is the future of work? What industry would I thrive in? More over, what industries will my daughter be able to get into when she enters the workforce?

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