Lazada return process and experience

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TLDR: Lazada doesn’t really handle returns/refunds, it is up to  you and the seller to reach an agreement on where or not you get a refund or replacement.

My first return / refund experience was smooth, I mailed back the item, got the funds in my wallet then withdrew them via LBC remittance. The entire process took 5 days from processing the refund to withdrawing the funds, which was a pleasant experience considering that it was from a seller from China (I had my doubts). I wasn’t lucky the second time around; which is kind of ironic being it was from a local seller, less than an hour’s drive from my location.

I purchased an item from a local seller from Taguig on July 1st, and got the item on the 3rd. The item was faulty and I immediately requested a return from Lazada on the same day. At this stage, the seller has 5 days to reply/respond to your return, if not lazada will automatically process the return for shipping. I shipped the item back on the 8th, since the seller wasn’t responsive. But the item failed to reach the seller since LBC was unable to deliver to to the seller’s listed address on Lazada; so So 4 days later, on the 12th, the item was sent overto the Lazada warehouse.

After numerous follow ups to Lazada via their customer care phone line (02)795-8900 and email support at, I was informed via their phone support that Lazada has a 20 day period for shipping and sorting from the date of shipment, but cannot guarantee what will happen once that time has elapsed. All they can say is that they will “escalate” the issue to the appropriate team; then reiterate that I get in touch with the seller.

Now I am left to wait for the seller to receive the item and whether or not they will actually refund my money. Note that a refund isn’t guaranteed even though the seller receives the shipment, it is still under their digression whether or not they will refund you or send you a replacement. Lazada can will only escalate the request to a dispute if you don’t get a refund or replacement… which basically amounts to nothing. Don’t expect any buyer protection from them.

Even though Lazada states that it is “Fulfilled by Lazada” it is still up to you to get in touch with the seller for after-sales support. They only act as a middle-man advertising platform. Do no expect them to give any credible after-sales support on behalf of their sellers. Thankfully, this isn’t a big issue in my experience as the item I bought was relatively inexpensive; though I must admit that I wouldn’t be keen on patronizing their services in the future after this experience. I would rather buy directly from the seller and cut the middle-man all together.

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