How I build my assets pipeline on Windows using NodeJS

I develop on Windows 10 (currently) with NodeJS, I am assuming you are running both already. Below is a bare-bones list of modules i use: browserify – this allows my to write my JavaScript in the NodeJS convention as well as concatenate multiple JavaScript dependencies like jQuery and GSAP. uglify-js – this will allow me […]

Culture for Progress

A lot has been said about the subject, but seldom do I see mutual-respect in the same context. There has been much debate on the impact of tourism on culture and nature; both the affirmative and negative side raise valid points until declarative ideas turn into imperative statements. I understand the value of preservation, and […]

Union Bank EON debit woes

I used my EON card to make an online transaction amounting to 5,700PHP which was debited from my account even before the card was validated. I got an AVS (Address Verification System) after entering my card details when the amount was deducted from my account. After filing a complaint over the phone, email and to […]

Transcend DrivePro 220 review

Sample video: The Good: Good value for money : you get decent video quality with a 1.8f aperture, GPS, WiFi, an LCD, 16gb MLC microSD card, reusable suction mount and other features you may not even use for 6,000PHP (140USD) Simplicity : it works out of the box. Just plug it in into your car’s […]

Amazon EC2 server setup guide

Here’s a guide which help me setup an AWS  (Amazon Web Services) EC2 server for one of my clients. I used to use their free S3 CND service a few years back; though the process has changed a bit since then; so without further flim-flam. We’ll be needing PuTTY and FileZilla FTP client for this […]

an UBER alternative to transportation

I spent the day using UBER as a means of transportation instead of driving, and I am very impressed by the implementation of their system. Finally, a transport system that actually works in the Philippines! I like how the system is setup to be secure for both the driver and passenger: You know the name […]

Free Windows 10 upgrade!

I was pleasantly surprised after restarting my laptop to see a Windows icon on my system tray. After clicking on it, I was greeted by an app windows stating that I am eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 once it is available. I’m currently running Windows 8.1, so I am guessing all Windows […]

Sony Walkman NWZ-W273S review

This has to be the best workout-partner / mp3 I’ve ever used since I started working out for the past decade… end of review. Kidding aside here’s the gist of what I like and dislike about it in order: The GOOD It’s waterproof. You can use it when doing your laps in the pool, it […]

me vs my excuses

I’ve ran one-to-many miles to count and learned bits and pieces about myself over the years. It’s an exercise in self-exploration and awareness. It is, to me: Where the buck stops… It’s an argument between myself and my excuses; A debate on the merits of quitting over the satisfaction of finishing. It is a constant […]

Lock/Erase a lost Android device

A relative recently lost her Android device, and ask me for assistance. Since reporting it to the authorities in our case NTC takes a lot of time and effort which most working class people don’t have; we resorted to Google! Since every android device is linked to your personal Google account you can access your […]

Dual WAN aggregated speeds

fter a few days of testing I am able to reach a sustained maximum throughput of 430-600 kbps download speeds on my torrents. This is on my dual WAN setup which is on a 3mbps DSL connection and a 3mbps cable connection. The dual WAN mode is set to Load Balance on my router. Browsing […]

Dual WAN : reliability over speed

Internet here in the Philippines is both expensive and unreliable. I pay P1,700 PHP or $38.50 USD for a deviously advertised 3mbps DSL connection. Unfortunately, my currently provider is the lesser evil among my very limited choices, all thanks to the monopoly. So in an effort to increase reliability and perhaps connection speed at a […]

My webdev environment on Windows

Here the web development environment I have setup on my laptop. It’s simply a run-through and short tutorial of the things I use for those of you who are interested in getting into the web development scene. To start of, here’s a list of apps I use: WAMP – This basically has everything you need […]

phonegap setup guide for android on Windows

This is a short guide on how to setup a working and testing environment for either native or Phonegap/Cordova based Android app development on a Windows machine. NOTE: the versions of the software I list here are the current versions available  as of this article’s posting, or my personal preference. To get you on your […]