SSD cloud hosting for cheap


I decided to try Linode
Cloud hosting

for 10USD (500PHP) a month. You get a high performance VPS which can run several sites for cheap, the only catch is you have to set it up and maintain it yourself. Here’s what I did to get mine up and running in a couple of minutes:

I started by creating an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS node,
then secured my server with their Securing Your Server guide. I also created another user group to make uploading files later easier, then add the non-root user to that group:

I installed Apache next with their guide: Hosting a Website.  I then change some settings in my Apache config but adding some mods I use like mod_rewrite:

I then install mySQL and lock it down using the following commands, which are also found in the Linode Guide:

The I optimize my my.cnf for my puny 2GB server (/etc/mysql/my.cnf):

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS does not have support for PHP5 anymore so I used PHP7, so I installed that with the following commands:

then I install some extensions I need like mySQL, curl etc. THe first commands list the available PHP extensions, then second installs the ones I use.

We’ll need to install postfix also so PHP’s mail() function will work.

Be sure to set “Internet Site: in the configuration dialog. The sendmail_path should be pre-configured correctly already, if not simply set it to:
/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

I now Install my FTP server, I use FileZilla since I use the client on my machine natively, then simply connect via SSH/SFTP

Once that is done, I simply point my domains to my server IP. Linode offers a DNS Manager but I prefer to use GoDaddy’s for simplicity. Hen the IP resolves, I test all my settings then I am off!


When adding new sites or downloading scripts via wget you’ll need to set permissions again to be able to modify them via FTP:  So I add my FTP user to the www-data group so I do not have permission errors.

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