Voodoo Floss Bands review

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The name says it all, it’s Voodoo! I was skeptical at first, how can a band of latex fix my
Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow).

(tennis elbow) and tight/inflamed knee? But it came down to either this 2,000PHP (40USD) or going to a physician who will most-likely prescribe some drug or operation to pseudo-fix the pain… until you break it again for 1,500PHP (30USD). SO I went the former.

It didn’t cure my tennis elbow so to speak, but the relief is significant and noticeable. So much so that it allowed me to train and properly address the issue by training the muscles and ligaments properly to permanently address the issue. I’ve been training consistently for a decade now, and wear and tear injuries are an inevitability, and I am so stoked that this product, as simple as it seems allows me to therapeutically deal with my injuries and teach myself more about my body as I grow older.

The bands are cheaper if you live in the US (19USD) from Rogue Fitness, but since I’m from the Philippines you need to pay extra for shipping and taxes. If anyone is interested, I got mine from Ken Tan of The Rack PH.

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