Transcend DrivePro 220 review


Sample video:

The Good:

  1. Good value for money : you get decent video quality with a 1.8f aperture, GPS, WiFi, an LCD, 16gb MLC microSD card, reusable suction mount and other features you may not even use for 6,000PHP (140USD)
  2. Simplicity : it works out of the box. Just plug it in into your car’s 12 volt socket. It powers up when you start your car and turns off when you shut it down. There is an option to leave it running …at the risk of draining your battery.
  3. Mounting and Interface : It comes with a compact suction mount which is sturdy and reusable. The interface is simple with 4 buttons and an idiot-proof UI to navigate through.

The Bad:

  • The optional App and software sucks… but it works!
  • license plates are unreadable in low light conditions without your headlamps turned on.
  • GPS receiver is weak and takes time to get a signal.


The video quality could be better but at the price they are selling it I can’t complain. It comes with practical features, no bells and whistles and just works out of the box. At the price point it sells at, I can’t complain really.

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