Dual WAN aggregated speeds

fter a few days of testing I am able to reach a sustained maximum throughput of 430-600 kbps download speeds on my torrents. This is on my dual WAN setup which is on a 3mbps DSL connection and a 3mbps cable connection. The dual WAN mode is set to Load Balance on my router. Browsing speeds is ok as well even while having torrents and streaming videos. Internet service is also almost seamless even if one provider fails *cough* PLDT *cough*.

Of course speeds vary depending on time and usage but I am still getting way better results with my current setup than my previous 5mbps (supposedly) DSL connection, which only maxed out at 300+ kbps.

Dual WAN : reliability over speed

Internet here in the Philippines is both expensive and unreliable. I pay P1,700 PHP or $38.50 USD for a deviously advertised 3mbps DSL connection. Unfortunately, my currently provider is the lesser evil among my very limited choices, all thanks to the monopoly.

So in an effort to increase reliability and perhaps connection speed at a reasonable price. I opted to get a second Cable based connection… with the same deviously advertised 3mbps speed at P999 PHP or $22 USD.

I then used my router an Asus RT-N66U to to use a dual WAN setup in either a fallback or load balance configuration.


I now have 2 internet connections at the same speed I can use simultaneously to either balance the traffic or designate one connection for a specific purpose, like one for gaming and the other for torrents.


I still have a maximum theoretical throughput/burst speed of 3mbps but I will be able to maximize both connections and have better reliability and uptime… at roughly the same cost of a faster connection with a single provider.

Personally I think I get better value for my P2,700 PHP or $60 USD, I get 2 connections and a phone line. As compared to getting a single (5mbps and up) connection for P2,000 PHP plus plus.