Sony Walkman NWZ-W273S review

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This has to be the best workout-partner / mp3 I’ve ever used since I started working out for the past decade… end of review. Kidding aside here’s the gist of what I like and dislike about it in order:


  1. It’s waterproof. You can use it when doing your laps in the pool, it also doubles as ear plugs as the unit acts as a water-tight seal when worn. Just don’t expect to use it for snorkeling though.
  2. compact / no-wires design. This is a big deal for me who runs a lot. No need for straps around your arm or pockets, or running your earphones under your shirt.
  3. good performance. The earphones deliver enough clarity and volume to get you merrily on your way. It also has decent battery life of 8 hours on a full charge and ample storage space at 4GB.
  4. ease of use. You can either use iTunes or Sony’s proprietary music library to manage your songs or you can simply use it as a mass storage USB drive and just sort your songs by folder, which is what I personally do.


  1. You need the cradle to charge / manage your device. Similar to the IPod Shuffle.
  2. cradle / dock issues. The are times that the device doesn’t charge or isn’t recognized due the the pins bending over time. Though I found a DIY solution for it. See the next paragraph below.
  3. no inter-changeable earphones. this isn’t really too bad for me, since decent earphones set you back almost the same as the price of the Walkman NWZ-W273 anyway, so it’s just like buying a new mp3 player all together. But if you’re particular about your earphones/buds then this isn’t for you.

With regards to the cradle / dock issue I mentioned above, it is basically caused by the pins on the dock that connect with the Walkman unit sinking into the dock over time. A simple way to remedy this is to put a spacer between the pins PCB to push them up. I used a folded a piece of post-it, wrapped it in electrical tape and sandwiched it in.


When you encounter that device isn’t recognized, maybe due to some USB fault, you can simply soft-reset the device and you should be good to go. This is by using a paperclip to click the reset button hole found in the left hand side ear bud.

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