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I started web logging (blogging) back in 1999 when i got into web development. Way before WordPress, where you had to code your own version of blog websites on GeoCities, SpacePorts or similar free hosting platforms.

Somewhere between 2005 and now i stopped since it became main stream. Now that the band wagon has predominantly moved onto social media platforms and the ease of uae of WordPress, i find myself getting back into the habit. I can voluntarily share my content to interested parties, hide my personal musings and have complete control over my data.

What i missed about blogging is that feeling that you are able to articulate your thoughts to an audience without prejudice or judgement on a post, hit publish and keep it private for noone to see.. It’s like talking to a shrink but on the cheap. I can vent out, ramble, then read through what i wrote and psycho-analyze myself.

Once you know something, there’s no going back, you can’t simply unlearn things you experience. The.more experiencea you go through, your understanding of how the world and people operate broadens. The realization of that sometimes gets uncomfortably heavy and one must adapt to thrive.

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