Why I train

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The simple truth of it is i want some resemblance of control. Where i can tell myself matter-of-fact that i had significant influence on the outcome of my undertaking. A safe emotional and mental environment where i can break and rebuild myself in every aspect of life away from the judging eyes of my peers and people in general.

I am my worse enemy, so i try to one up myself in every aspect I can. That way I have this sense of moving forward towards something, anything really, so long as it’s worth while. I guess one if not my greatest fears is staying stagnant. I figure life is a journey, so I have this irrational fear of missing out on something if I stop moving forward and progressing.

I love running because it taught me the importance of endurance and patience, life is a marathon not a sprint after all. I took up powerlifting to teach me the value of mental and physical strength under tension, we all have some weight on our shoulders we carry around. I took up cycling to remind me to stop and enjoy the scenery, life needs a constant change of pace. Last but not least, I became more mindful of my nutrition and resting cycles seriously because you have to love and respect yourself first before people around you reciprocate it towards you.

I attribute my growth and success in life to the fruits of my physical training. It is suprisingly more mental and psychologist than one would think. Though it is a jard concept to graps unless you go through the grind yourself. The superficial side effects are just perks of the real benefits of pushing yourself to always be a better version of yourself day in and day out regardless of the circumstances.

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