Stitched Up

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I was at the Army MTB trail in Taguig yesterday, testing out my Surly Karate Monkey to see how it handles. On my last loop i tried the red trail and ended up crashing near the end. I thought it was nothing until I padded myself down and felt a notch in my shin.

I basically tore the skin exposing a little bit of bone which i was advised to have stitched up. So after applying first aid, having my bike and car washed, and eating lunch I decided to go to a public hospital to go get stitches.

I really didn’t want to get medical assistance due to the astronomical cost of health care locally but i was pleasantly surprised to only pay P351.00 ($7 USD) for my 5 stitches, basically only paying for supplies.

I now have a greater appreciation for public hospitals and the monetary savings you get with similar if not the same level of care as oppose to private hospitals… Assuming you have the patience to fall in line.

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